Trump mexicans lucha
Donald Trump vows to “stop the underground flow of masked Mexicans” into the United States.

Aiming to stem the flow of undocumented masked Mexicans into southern California, republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has promised that, if elected, he will put an end to Lucha Underground.

“These people, why are they wearing masks?” Trump said at a recent rally.

“What are they hiding? And they’re coming here to take the jobs of hard-working American wrestlers. Jobs, Americans, America, terrific, really terrific, America, I win.”

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, took a less exclusionary stance on Lucha Underground, insisting that the promotion “adds much-needed diversity to our cultural mosaic.”

Clinton added that she also supports the program because she “used to have the hugest crush on Vampiro.”

As Trump and Clinton head into their second debate tomorrow, Lucha Underground is expected to be a contentious topic, as well as the hot-button issue over whether Irwin R. Shyster will release Trump’s tax returns.