Still refusing to admit he made a mistake when predicting the path of Hurricane Dorian, WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald JimmyJam Trump doubled-down today, tweeting a photo purportedly showing a Hurricane coming through Alabama.

Hurricane alabama
Donald Trump presents “proof” that a Hurricane may have come through Alabama.

Keen-eyed Twitter users immediately noticed, however, that the photo depicts not Dorian, but rather Hurricane Helms, a sports-entertaining superhero.

Trump warned the residents of Alabama to “stand back,” even though the photograph had been proven to be a fake.

Trump then tweeted a picture of Bob Holly, warning that the Hurricane may give the state a big Alabama Slam.

Hurricane Helms told reporters that he hasn’t been to Alabama in years, so when he saw the fake photo Trump shared, he audibly mused “What’s up with that?”

In related news, WWE announced today that Trump will receive a special exhibit at the company’s Hall of Fame to commemorate his status as the greatest bullshitter in wrestling history.


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