trump tweet
Pictured are two wealthy men deserving of the US presidency. Also pictured: Donald Trump.

United States President Donald Trump has continued his puerile tirade against what he calls “fake news,” posting a picture of himself that critics say encourages violent, involuntary head-shaving of reporters. 

In the photo, a grinning Trump is seen holding a pair of electric hair clippers next to a man being forcibly confined to a chair, upon whose face is superimposed the logo of MSNBC — one of the many news outlets Trump regularly attacks instead of running the free world. 

This is only the latest in a series of tweets in which Trump has used scenes from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to lambaste the mainstream media for the egregious misdeed of depicting him accurately:

  • Earlier today, Trump tweeted a gif in which he is seen giving one of the world’s worst clotheslines to a man with the CNN logo covering his face
  • Last week, Trump tweeted a video in which he is seen mounting a mannequin in a casket, on which the name “Vick” is crossed out and replaced with “Couric.”
  • Two weeks ago, Trump posted a fake video in which Anderson Cooper is forced to join Vince McMahon’s “Kiss My Ass Club.”

Trump, an inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, claims he is “the best wrestler — believe me — the best wrestler of all time, and that’s the rock bottom line, because I got two words for ya: Trump rules!”