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Donald Trump says all cheating should be done with made-in-America objects.

WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Trump sparked controversy again today with an early-morning tweet telling foreign objects to “go back” to the trunks, boots, and other concealed areas of rulebreaking professional wrestlers.

Trump’s remarks were directed at the so-called “squad” of four foreign objects — brass knuckles, a roll of pennies, a fork, and a baggie of salt — even though three of the four were made in the United States.

The one non-domestically made object in the group, the baggie of salt, was brought into the US from Japan 30 years ago by the Mister Fujiwara Trading Company.

The president said foreign countries are “not sending their best objects” to the US, despite objections from democrats who retort that heel wrestlers, not their hidden objects, are to blame for rulebreaking.

Trump stood by his comments, however, promising to impose heavy tariffs on countries that export the “squad” of objects, as well as megaphones, flash paper, canes, and kendo sticks.

“If Heel WresTlers want to cHeat while the Referee is not Looking,” Trump tweeted, “they Should use Amerikan-maDe objex.”

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