kamala kimchee
Kamala Harris (right) denies accusations she was born in Uganda, as does her campaign spokesperson, Kimberly Chi (left). Image courtesy photojournalist @jaimsvanderbeek. 

WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald J. Trump has once again stoked the flames of birtherism, accusing vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris of being a native of Uganda. 

“Believe me, she’s from deepest, darkest Africa,” said the president during a rally last night in Tallahassee. “And a lot of people are saying she’s a headhunter.”

Despite clear evidence that Harris was born in Oakland, California, Trump tweeted this morning that “Kamala wants the American taxpayer’s head on a spear!” 

A spokesperson for the Biden-Harris campaign, Kimberly Chi, called the allegations “patently false, just like Trump’s accusations that Barack Obama is from Kenya and Jinder Mahal is from India.”

But according to one source, who asked to be identified only as “Slick,” Harris is a “jive soul senator who always lies to her friends.” A Ugandan tattoo artist, Trevmo Ulton, claims to have tattooed two stars and a moon on Kamala’s torso. 

Asked by reporters to confirm or deny the allegations, Senator Harris slapped her belly and howled, and then filed a defamation lawsuit against America’s orange disgrace. 


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