Donald Trump insists he is “the most deserving inductee” in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Real estate mogul and potential presidential candidate Donald Trump continued to stir controversy today when he demanded that all illegal immigrants should be removed from the WWE Hall of Fame, in which Trump is also enshrined.

“They took jobs from hardworking American wrestlers,” said Trump during a press conference this morning.

“Either the immigrants are removed from the Hall of Fame, or I will remove myself — and nobody wants that!”

Trump insists that a number of beloved Hall of FamersĀ — particularly Tito Santana, and Mil Mascaras, and Eddie Guerrero — entered the United States without proper documentation and were therefore “illegal foreign objects.”

“They lie, they cheat, they steal,” said Trump. “Is that the kind of example we want to set for our children?”

Trump said that, if elected US President, he will build an enormous wall around Stamford, CT, and only American-born wrestlers will be permitted to enter WWE headquarters to sign with the company.