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Political pundits claim Trump is just trying to appeal to his base of lonely male voters.

Donald J. Trump, WWE Hall of Fame inductee and (less importantly) President of the United States, insisted at a press conference that he — not Emma, Charlotte, Bayley or other claimants — is the true creator of WWE’s so-called “Women’s Revolution.”

“Nobody loves lady wrestling more than Donald Trump, believe me, nobody,” Trump said when asked by a reporter about the possibility of a thermonuclear attack on North Korea. 

“Emma says she started the Women’s Revolution, but that’s wrong,” Trump said. “Wrong. Sad.”

Trump’s claim comes amid fierce debate on WWE programming as to who truly launched the women’s revolution; frontrunners include Emma, Charlotte, Lita, Nidia, Jackie Gayda, JoJo, and Santina.

Later clarifying the president’s comments on CNN, spokesthing Kellyanne Conway said: “What the president meant by his statement is that he invented professional wrestling, he invented women, and he invented revolutions, so by extension he invented the women’s revolution in pro wrestling.” 

Meanwhile, dishonest mainstream media like the failing New York Times continue to promote the lie that the “women’s revolution” is just a fancy way of saying “pretty women in skimpy spandex play-fighting for the entertainment of a predominantly male demographic.”


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