hogan trumpPresumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump whipped the Republican National Convention into a frenzy today by ripping off his suit and flexing his 11-inch “pythons” amid the rousing accompaniment of “Real American.”

Some liberal critics are accusing Trump of blatantly imitating legendary┬ápro wrestler Hulk Hogan, though Trump dismisses such allegations as “more lies from the scumbucket, puke-stain media.”

But it is difficult for even the most ardent Trump supporters to deny some of the similarities between Trump and Hogan, such as:

  • Both Hogan and Trump are of orange-American descent
  • Both Hogan and Trump have blond, wispy, highly improbable hairstyles
  • Both Hogan and Trump are reality TV stars with no political experience
  • Both Hogan and Trump have supporters suffering from a kind of “mania”

Following Trump’s grandiose entrance, his wife Melania delivered a rousing and original speech, in which she implored Americans to ask not what their country can do for them, but what they can do for their country.