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Vince McMahon’s legal experience is limited largely to the 2005 Trial of Eric Bischoff.

WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Jennifer Trump wasted no time in filling the vacant seat in the US Supreme Court, appointing his longtime frenemy and fellow lunatic Vince McMahon to the role.

Liberal pundits are outraged that McMahon was chosen for the important role, given McMahon’s overtly conservative stance on issues ranging from immigration (McMahon is opposed to illegal foreign objects) to defunding the nation’s big boss men (opposed).

Trump famously shaved McMahon’s head after a WrestleMania match, in which both men employed visible minorities to do their dirty work so they wouldn’t sully their own tiny hands with physical exertion.

Many critics insist McMahon — a billionaire carny who mysteriously rose from the dead after an unexplained limo explosion — does not have enough expertise in jurisprudence to hold such a prestigious position in the nation’s highest court.

McMahon’s supporters, however, point out that McMahon ably handled his responsibilities during the televised 2005 trial of Eric Bischoff.

Trump’s choice of McMahon surprised many legal and political scholars, since most expected him to choose someone with more experience presiding over an important court, such as The Undertaker.



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