HHH stephanie mcmahon
Triple-H (left) is overjoyed he chose to marry the daughter of the correct billionaire wrestling promoter.

WWE wrestler and backstage power-player Hunter Hearst Helmsley remarked at a press conference today that he’s “really glad” he married Vince McMahon’s daughter instead of Ted Turner’s.

The decision to woo and eventually marry Stephanie McMahon “turned out to the right one,” Helmsley said, since it resulted in a high-ranking position within the world’s preeminent wrestling organization.

Marrying the daughter of Ted Turner, on the other hand, would have completely backfired, since the Turner-owned World Championship Wrestling folded a decade ago.

“When Steph and I started dating, I wasn’t sure I was making the right choice,” confessed Helmsley.

“At the time, WWE and WCW were neck-and-neck in the ratings war, so I wasn’t sure whose daughter was the right one, so to speak. But in retrospect, Steph was clearly the way to go. Plus she’s quite good looking, which is nice.”

The real-life romance between Helmsley and McMahon sparked controversy in the WWE locker room in the early days, because many viewed Helmsley as an unscrupulous ladder-climber trying to marry his way into money and power.

“And it totally worked!” enthused Helmsley. “I mean, I love Steph and all — she’s great — but look where I am now in this business. I’m heir to the WWE throne! It’s pretty awesome.”