lesnar triple h wrestlemaniaProfessional wrestler Triple-H says he will emerge victorious at WrestleMania by incapacitating his opponent, Brock Lesnar, using a simple riddle.

Although Lesnar is a ferocious athlete with an insatiable hunger for victory, he possesses the cognitive capabilities of a toddler and easily becomes confused, which Triple-H intends to use to his advantage.

“It’s a no-holds-barred match, so riddles are allowed,” Triple-H told reporters at a press conference this morning.

“I’m gonna stump him and thump him.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Lesnar has lost a match after being vexed by a simple puzzle. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Lesnar lost a heavyweight fight after his opponent, Cain Velasquez, asked him to count backwards from 10.

Triple-H has not revealed the riddle he intends to use to stump Lesnar, but sources close to him believe he’ll ask Lesnar :”What flies without wings?”

The answer, which Lesnar will surely not discern, leaving him frustrated and vulnerable to a loss, is “time.”