brock lesnar triple h office
Paul “Triple H” Levesque finally has a chance to spend his Office Depot gift card.

Professional wrestler and WWE executive Paul “Triple H” Levesque is secretly overjoyed that he finally has a reason to use a $200 gift card to Office Depot that he received three Christmases ago.

Levesque had almost forgotten about the gift card tucked away in his sock drawer until his nemesis, Brock Lesnar, ransacked his office at WWE’s Connecticut headquarters, requiring Levesque to go shopping.

Now in need of a new desk, ergonomic chair and stapler, Levesque plans to visit Office Depot later tonight, after he finishes tidying up the mess that the enraged Lesnar left in his wake.

Levesque received the gift card for Christmas in 2010 from his father-in-law, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Although Levesque appreciated the gesture, he thought the gift was a little underwhelming coming from a business mogul of  incredible personal wealth.

Last year, Levesque finally used another gift card he had received from McMahon, which was worth one free haircut at a Stamford barbershop.