triple h curtis axel
For more than a decade, Triple H has been depriving himself of vital hydration by spewing water out of his mouth.

After professional wrestler Triple H suffered a medical emergency on last night’s episode of WWE Raw, doctors have diagnosed the ailment as “acute dehydration” after years of spewing water all over himself instead of drinking it.

“Paul Levesque, also known as Triple H, suffered mild kidney failure due to acute dehydration, but he is expected to make a full recovery,” WWE’s Chief Medic, Dr. Bob Ponovich, said during a press conference.

“Mr. Levesque is expected to undergo immediate rehabilitation, during which he will be instructed how to properly drink water instead of spraying it all over himself.”

Many people within the wrestling business have expressed concern for years, since Triple H typically begins his matches by standing on the ring apron, taking a mouthful of water and spewing it into the air instead of drinking it.

It is believed that the popular wrestler and WWE executive suffers from a rare disorder called Esophageal Fluid Reflux, making it very difficult for him to swallow water.

During his younger days, Triple H was able to compete in WWE action thanks to hydration he received from baby oil absorbed through his skin.

But during last night’s match against newcomer Curtis Axel, his hydration levels reached a drastic low point, resulting in the dizziness and disorientation he suffered as Raw went off the air.

Even in his time of medical distress, he was unable to swallow the water his body so desperately needed, instead dumping it over his head.

Triple H curtis axel
Even in his time of medical distress, Triple H was unable to properly ingest water.