When a professional wrestler “retires” from in-ring action, a return to in-ring action is practically guaranteed — and legendary sports-entertainer Hunter Hearst Helmsley (or Triple H) has wasted no time in announcing that he is coming out of the retirement he announced earlier this week.

Just two days after declaring “I will never wrestle again,” Triple H provided a “clarification” to his previous statement, saying instead “I will never retire again.” 

A wrestler coming out of retirement is nothing unusual — it happens with a whopping 98.6 percent of wrestling retirements — but rarely does it happen so quickly. 

It took Terry Funk six months to come out of his first retirement, five months to come out of his 17th retirement, and 73 days to come out of his 43rd retirement. 

Triple H, proving once again that he is a groundbreaking sports-entertainer, has come out of retirement even faster than Ric Flair, who retired from WWE in 2008 and then wrestled for TNA seemingly moments later, refusing to leave the memories alone. 

Helmsley’s abbreviated retirement will end when he squares off this weekend at WrestleMania against The Undertaker in a retirement match, followed by a rematch the next night on Raw. 


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