sledgehammer hhh
Triple H has broken his hand by improperly putting it over the heavy steel end of a sledgehammer.

While trying to pound fenceposts into his backyard, professional wrestler Triple H shattered multiple bones in his hand due to incorrect sledgehammer usage.

Rather than grasping the sledgehammer’s wooden handle and swinging it in a proper overhead arc, he instead placed his hand over the heavy steel end and thrust it toward its target, thus crushing his hand.

Doctors say the wrestler will require a cast for at least six months and that his in-ring career may be over.

“It was bound to happen sooner or later,” said his father-in-law, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

“I’ve been telling him for years that he’s been using sledgehammers wrong.”

For roughly a decade, Triple H has used a sledgehammer to clobber opponents, but he typically covers its end with his hand, thus delivering a blow no more effective than a backhanded slap.

His family hopes he eventually learns how to properly use a hammer, as well as how to drink a bottle of water without spraying it all over himself.