Tough enough 2015 videos
Tough Enough winners Shaniqua and Jackie Gayda pose with Al Snow, whom they have long since surpassed in wrestling stardom.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) officially announced this week that its innovative reality TV series, Tough Enough, is returning to launch the career of wrestling’s next mega-star, just as it did for past contestants such as Daniel Puder and Andy Leavine.

“Tough Enough is the opportunity for you to live your dream of becoming a WWE Superstar,” said company COO Hunter Hearst on the company’s flagship program, Monday Night Raw.

“It happened to Maven, and it could happen to you!”

WWE has issued an open call for audition videos, which will likely attract thousandsĀ of submissions from delusional young men who think performing a shoddy moonsault into a backyard pool will prepare them to be the next great Chris Nowinski or Shaniqua.

Hundreds of potential recruits will be culled for in-person tryouts, where a panel of judges will narrow down the field in hopes of finding trainees with the kind of natural athleticism and charisma of, say, a Jackie Gayda.

Those selected for the program will, week-by-week, be put through a grueling training regimen to determine whether they’re ready for the kind of life-altering megastardom that made Nidia a household name.