Claire Lynch WWE
The ratings-killer, Claire Lynch, is expected to hasten the inevitable cancellation of Total Divas.

The next episode of reality TV show Total Divas, a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of female professional wrestlers, will feature the WWE debut of controversial hussy Claire Lynch.

Lynch, who has not been seen publicly since she substantially lowered viewership of TNA’s Impact Wrestling program, appears pregnant and strung out on drugs when she makes a surprise appearance on the next Total Divas.

The 27-year-old guttersnipe with no discernible talent is expected to feud with WWE Diva Natalya, since WWE has made a habit out of saddling Natalya with hopeless, dead-end gimmicks.

Lynch rose to notoriety last year when it was revealed that AJ Styles and TNA President Dixie Carter, who were suspected of having an affair, were instead secretly supporting the pregnant junkie Lynch.

A survey of wrestling fans revealed that a whopping 98 percent didn’t care for such soap opera twaddle, and wished Lynch would just go away, which she eventually did.

It is unclear how Lynch landed a WWE contract, but it’s safe to assume she’s sleeping with someone in the company. ¬†Ratings of Total Divas are expected to plummet accordingly.