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Total Divas is aimed at viewers who struggle to grasp dialogue, nuance, narrative or logic.

Total Divas, the new reality TV show that showcases the behind-the-scenes lives of female WWE performers, is proving popular among viewers who can’t follow the elaborate narrative structure and textual nuances of Jersey Shore.

The show, which premiered last night to rave reviews from halfwits and brain injury victims, captures petty jealousies and catty squabbles among the likes of The Bella Twins, Natalya and some brunette newcomer with large knockers.

A focus group of fans reported that they enjoyed Total Divas because it was “easier to follow” than Jersey Shore, thanks to simple language and one-dimensional characters.

Keith McGreary, a viewer in Dallas, tweeted that he “luved (sic) the premeer (sic) of Total Deevas (sic),” largely thanks to the “strateforward (sic) plot.”

In the second episode of the show, scheduled to air next Sunday, Nikki Bella will spend 14 minutes applying eyeliner, and one of the Funkadactyls will weep for unknown reasons.

Most critics expect the show will be cancelled before its third episode airs, to be replaced by the more highbrow Teletubbies.