total bellas
Yup, that’s John Laurinaitis in the background. So that’s a thing apparently.

This Wednesday’s premiere episode of Total Bellas — a “reality” TV show chronicling how the Bella Twins and their wrestler beaus coexist under one roof — will provide the kind of easy-to-comprehend entertainment demanded by viewers who felt outwitted by Total Divas.

The show, which will require viewers to possess an IQ somewhere between toddler and turnip, will feature frequent petulant spats between free-spirited vegan Brie and designer-handbag-toting Nikki.

“Although these twins share the same genes, they will never share the same jeans!” reads a press release about the show.

“Get it? Genes, jeans? No? We really can’t make these puns any easier, people.”

For viewers who find even Total Bellas too cognitively challenging, they can always log into the WWE Network and watch latter-day episodes of WCW Nitro.