kendo stick
A WWE ring crew member fetches the kendo stick he will use to affix the tag rope.

A professional wrestling ring is an intricate structure built of steel, plywood, padding, canvas, and taut ropes — all of which must be painstakingly assembled using tools such as a kendo stick, a garbage can, and several wooden tables.

“Don’t even think about trying to put a ring together without a cookie sheet,” says veteran WWE ring crew member Todd McGarry.

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“And setting up a ring without a ladder? Fat chance!”

By the time fans arrive at arenas for professional wrestling events, the ring is already assembled — the turnbuckle pads have been affixed using a two-by-four wrapped in barbed wire, and the ring apron has been tied down with the help of a fire hydrant.

Ever wondered how the ring ropes are tightened? Sledgehammer.

Once the ring is fully constructed, the tools are safely stashed underneath it, where they always remain safely out of reach — sometimes guarded by an Irish midget — until it is time to disassemble the ring again.