tommy dreamer
A committee of concerned citizens are working to have Tommy Dreamer declared a national treasure to prevent his deportation, which shouldn’t be hard.

It was revealed today that professional wrestler and promoter Tommy Dreamer may be among the Dreamers at risk of deportation as part of WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump’s plan to scrap the Daca program.

Although he was raised in Yonkers, NY, Dreamer was born to mysterious parents in Parts Unknown, and the family migrated to the US in 1972 amid political unrest during the Shango administration in their home country.

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The wrestler has reportedly come under scrutiny after it was revealed he had been receiving mail shipments of an unusually high quantity of canes from Singapore.

Dreamer is currently seeking amnesty in the city of Dudleyville (state unknown), residing in a safe haven called the House of Hardcore.


[Thanks to Joe Antkiewicz for the idea]