tommaso ciampa
Luigi Pepperoni vows to “stomp opponents like grapes for wine.”

After years of stellar performances in NXT, 36-year-old ring veteran Tommaso Ciampa has finally earned his spot on WWE’s main roster with a hot new persona, Crazy Luigi Pepperoni. 

After the cameras stopped rolling this week at Monday Night Raw, Ciampa sneak-attacked Seth Rollins with a reverse-pumphandle inverted spinbuster he calls The Mamma Mia. 

Dressed in a sauce-spattered white apron and tall chef’s hat, Ciampa then grabbed the microphone and declared: “My name is Luigi Pepperoni and I’m one spicy meat-a-ball!” 

Fans at ringside said that, as Ciampa uttered the words, there was a haunting vacancy in his eyes and a single tear rolled down his cheek. 

Luigi Pepperoni is expected to feud with fellow NXT call-ups Pete Dunne (repackaged as Sir Peter Fizzlebottoms III) and Kushida (renamed SuperMega Ninjadragon). 

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