impact battleTotal Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling announced today its upcoming Regal Rumble event, which will see its entire roster — plus 12 more wrestlers to total 30 — struggling to cram themselves into a shark cage.

The winner of the Regal Rumble match will be the competitor who, upon entering the cage, can consume the most fish guts from a chum bucket.

TNA commentators says “anyone could win” the match, except for Shark Boy, who doesn’t know how to get into such cages.

Some wrestling pundits have accused TNA (or Impact Wrestling, or whatever it’s called this week) of ripping off ideas from its slightly larger competitor, World Wrestling Entertainment. These critics cite similarities to WWE’s annual Royal Rumble event, which will feature Chris Jericho locked in a shark cage for some reason.

But a TNA spokesperson said today that such accusations are “ludicrous,” as are any comparisons between WWE’s “Hell in a Cell” event and TNA’s new “Hades in an Enclosure” event.

Next Sunday’s Regal Rumble will feature a main event pitting TNA Galactic Champion Owen Kevinson against challenger Roaming Rains.