TNA Destination X
A championship belt dancles from the cables of TNA’s new Ultimate Asterisk match.

Hoping to inject new life and excitement into the Ultimate-X match, TNA Wrestling announced today it will criss-cross several more taut cables above the ring to create the Ultimate Asterisk Match.

Until now, TNA’s unique Ultimate X match saw several high-flying competitors struggle to attain a championship belt dangling from the intersection of two ring ropes high above the ring.

The Ultimate X has long been considered by fans to be a highlight of TNA pay-per-views, so the company has decided to capitalize on such popularity by “improving” the set-up.

“Fans love a match with two cables crossed over the ring, so they’ll really, really love it when we add more cables,” TNA President Dixie Carter said this morning during a media conference call.

“In the Ultimate Asterisk Match, there will be at least six cables intertwined up there, which will surely be more exciting.”

In addition to adding more cables above the ring, Carter announced that every Ultimate Asterisk match will have four championship belts dangling above the ring.

By that point in the media conference call, however, most wrestling reporters had already hung up.


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