A poster for TNA’s inappropriately named pay-per-view.

In spite of the bold claim made by its name, TNA Wrestling’s “Final Resolution” pay-per-view once again failed to resolve anything with finality this past Sunday.

“Nah, it’s business as usual around here,” said one backstage TNA employee several days after the pay-per-view.

“Everyone’s still mad at everyone.”

Although the event featured what was billed as the “last-ever” showdown between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, nobody actually believes that to be true.

The match between Austin Aries and Bully Ray ended controversially, which only fuelled the rivalry instead of resolving it.

In fact, none of the matches on the card resolved anything, but rather contributed to the endless, week-after-week parade of violence that exemplifies professional wrestling.

TNA President Dixie Carter is reportedly considering changing the name of the annual event to Infinite Continuation.