TNA Botchamania
TNA wrestlers achieve unprecedented ratings through Botchamania.

A number of performers contracted to Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling are believed to be seeking wider exposure and notoriety by deliberately getting themselves onto the popular online Botchamania videos.

Sources within the company report that some wrestlers are trying to flub lines, fudge spots and otherwise get themselves onto the video series, which chronicles the foibles of professional wrestling.

Although TNA’s weekly Impact Wrestling program has a decent and loyal viewership, its ratings pale in comparison to Botchamania’s, which has prompted many wrestlers to seek “promotions” to Botchamania’s programming.

Several TNA stars have begun to adopt some of Botchamania’s regular gags, hoping to land themselves on the blooper reel. Gunner, for example, has started shouting “Jeeesus” during his matches, and Kazarian has tried to start a “Super Dragon” chant in the audience.

Crimson on the other hand, doesn’t even have to try to get on Botchamania, as botching happens naturally for him.