TNA pay-per-views
TNA President Dixie Carter and figurehead Hulk Hogan are expected to soon announce a further reduced schedule of TNA pay-per-views of zero per year.

According to industry insiders, TNA Wrestling is soon expected to announce that it will further reduce its schedule of pay-per-view events to zero.

TNA President Dixie Carter teased on Twitter that a “huge announcement” was forthcoming, although some are skeptical of the claim because she has made such bold statements at least 78 times in the past.

But backstage sources at the Impact Zone confirm that the company is considering a complete reduction of its annual pay-per-view schedule, citing rising costs, declining revenues and the lasting damage of the Claire Lynch fiasco.

The rumors come on the heels of TNA’s announcement this week that it will scale back its slate of pay-per-view shows from 12 annually to merely four.

According to one anonymous source, the company may also discontinue its Thursday night television program, Impact Wrestling, to focus more on performing at children’s birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.