TNA india
Ring Ka King is proving tremendously popular in India, where its audience is entirely made up of tech support call center employees.

Ring Ka King, the offshoot of TNA Wrestling that launched in India last year, is experiencing a boom in popularity among the nation’s millions of tech support call-center employees.

“We love Ring Ka King,” enthused tech support worker Gurdip Singh through a headset telephone. “After a 16-hour shift spent telling inept Americans how to configure their wireless routers, Ring Ka King takes my mind off work for a while.”

The wrestling league, launched by TNA founder Jeff Jarrett and colleagues in December 2011, features a mix of established American wrestlers and up-and-coming Indian performers competing in an arena reminiscent of TNA’s Impact Zone.

During its first 26-episode season, Ring Ka King garnered millions of television viewers, all of whom spend their days toiling in enormous call centers, dealing with flustered Americans who can’t figure out how to operate their TVs, computers, phones and other technological devices.

“I enjoy watching loudmouth American wrestlers like Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan getting beaten up by Indian competitors,” said Singh. “It’s cathartic.”

Added Singh: “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”