The TNA Network will launch on Nashville public-access TV, as soon as they work out the technical difficulties.

In what was billed as a “groundbreaking announcement” this week, Total Non-Stop Action heralded the launch of the TNA Network on a Nashville-area public-access TV station.

The new TNA Network promises to revolutionize how wrestling fans enjoy TNA action, if those fans happen to live in the Nashville area and have a set of rabbit-ear tuners on their televisions.

When it launches next month, the TNA Network will give fans one full hour of TNA programming every day, including past pay-per-views and a new “reality TV” shows including “The Claire Lynch Show” and “Bischoff Knows Best.”

The TNA Network will air nightly on Nashville Education, Community and Arts Television (NECAT), in the 3 a.m. time slot between “Keeping it Bluegrass” and “The Gospel Hour.”

The creation of the TNA Network is being criticized by some industry insiders as a slapdash reaction to the upcoming WWE Network, a subscription-based video service announced this week by World Wrestling Entertainment.

TNA President Dixie Carter insists, however, that her company’s network is “totally different” because it’s free and doesn’t require a complicated sign-up process.

“The TNA Network will forever change the way Nashville insomniacs watch wrestling,” Carter said.


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