TNA pay-per-view
TNA is inexplicably optimistic about their new WPYPV model.

Hoping to boost flagging viewership, Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling announced today it will launch a new content-delivery format called We-Pay-You-Per-Views.

As opposed to the traditional Pay-Per-View model — in which viewers exchange a given amount of money for access to high-profile wrestling events — TNA’s new model will “incentivize viewership through a viewer-compensation platform.”

In short, wrestling fans will be awarded payment — ranging between $39.99 and $49.99, depending on whether Grado is appearing — to watch a TNA wrestling event in its entirety.

“Because the PPV model is not working optimally for us, we are transitioning to the innovative WPYPV system,” said TNA President Dixie Carter in a press release.

“We believe our buyrates — that is, our payrates — will indicate huge boosts in viewership.”

Although most pundits agree that TNA’s viewership will drastically increase with this month’s WPYPV, the success will be offset by the catastrophic debt the company will immediately incur.