tna bound for glory 2015
To be fair, the acting was better than on TNA’s pay-per-view offering.

In a failed attempt to order tonight’s Global Impact Nonstop Force Impact Wrestling  pay-per-view, Bound for Glory, Robert Ward of Tampa accidentally paid $19.95 for a newly released pornographic film, “Bound for Glory Hole.”

Ward was immediately confused when the film began playing, since he knew the wrestling pay-per-view was not scheduled to start until 8 p.m. EST.

His confusion subsided for a moment when he saw a trashy-looking, large-breasted woman appear onscreen, whom he assumed was longtime TNA “Knockout” ODB.

But after a few minutes of vulgar pornographic action — in which male participants offered their aroused members to females awaiting on the other side of a partition equipped with a “glory hole” — Ward finally realized his mistake.

He kept watching, however, since it was “better than anything Impact has done in years.”

Ward, now satisfied and sleepy, figures he’ll just illegally stream Impact’s Bound for Glory later.


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