impactdownAs the much-anticipated brand split of Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling draws near, wrestling fans worldwide are giddy with anticipation about who will be named General Manager of Tuesday Night Impactdown.

Online wrestling forums are abuzz with speculation as fans try to guess what Dixie Carter, the evil mastermind┬ábehind the TNA empire, has in store for Tuesday’s monumental live broadcast.

Will the General Manager be former TNA star and humanitarian Hulk Hogan, or will fans be treated to the long-awaited return of Claire Lynch as GM? Intriguing possibilities abound.

Impactdown Live will also feature the hotly anticipated draft, in which TNA superstars will learn whether they will compete on Impactdown or on TNA’s newest brand, Monday Night Uncooked.

Among the questions that may be answered Tuesday:

  • Will Abyss and Chris Park finally collide?
  • Will Lashley remain in the company or become Donald Trump’s running mate?
  • What channel is Pop TV anyway, and does my cable company even provide it?
  • Has Brother Nero truly been deleted?
  • So, is it “TNA Wrestling” or “Impact Wrestling,” because that’s still really unclear and has never been sufficiently explained,

In related news, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), a fledgling Connecticut-based wrestling promotion of dwindling relevance, is once-again copy-catting TNA with its own “brand split” this week.