TNA copying wwe
TNA’s new Playback pay-per-view promises to be “familiar and derivative,” according to a company press release

Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling is again facing criticism for mimicking World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with its announcement of a new pay-per-view called Playback.

Although TNA has previously denied accusations of a copycat approach to its storylines and feuds, the company seems now to be overly embracing the monkey-see-monkey-do motif with Playback.

The pay-per-view will exclusively feature half-baked rehashes of matches from WWE’s recent Payback event (but, of course, performed for a substantially smaller audience).

“If you thought we were ripping off WWE before, wait until you see Playback!” proclaimed TNA President Dixie Carter in a press release.

Playback will feature a pre-show in which a goblin-turned-rock-star, Bogsmoggle, will square off in a moustache-versus-mane match against a tiny horse named La Equina.

Eight matches will follow, including a much-anticipated six-man tag showdown between injustice-battling babyfaces The  Barrier, and recently reunited heel faction Natural Selection.

The event will also see Eric Young face the toughest decision of his life — to either forfeit his TNA World Championship, or witness the public firing of his wife, ODB.


[Idea credit: Richard Taylor]