TMZ wrestling
A professional wrestler was “caught” by TMZ doing something, somewhere.

Popular celebrity gossip site TMZ reported yesterday that a famous professional wrestler was recently spotted somewhere, doing some kind of thing.

The top headline on yesterday blared: “Wrestler does stuff at place,” which set off a firestorm on Twitter and Facebook as fans reposted the story.

The WWE wrestler, who is best known by his flamboyant in-ring persona, was out of context at the place, was wearing street clothes instead of garish spandex, and had done something different with his hair, which created quite a stir among onlookers.

What’s more, the wrestler was photographed with a woman, presumably his wife, who seemed annoyed by the gossip-hound pointing a video camera at her and asking inane questions.

The TMZ story reported that the wrestler and the woman got into a black SUV and drove to an undisclosed location, which sparked a torrent of speculation among wrestling fans.

The wrestler could not be reached for comment, but insisted on his Twitter feed that he “wasn’t doing anything interesting that day,” which caused many fans to presume he was doing something quite scandalous and noteworthy indeed.