Raw three hours
With a third hour added to the already-bloated Raw program, WWE's creative team is scrambling to come up with more filler.

With the long-running wrestling program Monday Night Raw being extended to a three-hour duration, WWE is promising its fans a full extra hour of inconsequential filler.

“We listen to the WWE Universe,” reads a press release issued this morning by the company’s Stamford headquarters. “The WWE Universe told us that they want one more hour every week of meaningless twaddle between the opening segment and the main event.”

Among the filler that WWE intends to inject into its already-bloated broadcast schedule: more Divas matches, rambling promos by Triple-H, appearances by NXT cast-offs, a return of the Anonymous General Manager, lots more commercials and a new segment called “Watch the Ring Get Assembled.”

Some cynical fans have argued that a three-hour Raw every week is overkill that will lead to fatigue and disillusionment with the WWE product.

Tyson Kidd, Tyler Reks and and Camacho, on the other hand, are reportedly overjoyed with the announcement of extra filler being added to Monday night’s programming.