A DVD box set called New World Order: The Revolution begins with an interesting DVD exploring how veteran wrestlers Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash formed a rebellious stable of outsiders hell-bent on “taking over” World Championship Wrestling (WCW), but the set quickly balloons in size with 14 more pointless discs that only dilute the coolness of the first three.

The first three DVDs the set provide a thorough overview of how the nWo — announced this week as inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame — breathed new life into the wrestling business and intensified the so-called Monday Night Wars with rival promotion World Wrestling Entertainment.

By all accounts, the box set should end there, but instead rapidly expands to include many more discs of varying uselessness.

Some of the discs retain the black-and-white color scheme of the first three, while others are red and black. Subsequent discs include Japanese lettering, while others explore the nWo contributions of Virgil/Vincent and David Flair.

The majority of wrestling fans who have bought the nWo box set have complained that its rapid expansion is confusing and pointless, ultimately destroying their enjoyment of the concept.

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