Triple-H Haircut
A photo posted recently by TMZ has sent tens of thousands of grown men into a tizzy.

In a phenomenon more commonly seen among preteen girls, tens of thousands of grown men became dizzily aflutter last week after a famous wrestler got a haircut.

The grown men, who otherwise pride themselves on enjoying manly things like sports and beer-guzzling, giggled and gossiped on social media about the freshly shorn hair of Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

An estimated 2,394,903 tweets on the subject flooded Twitter the same day that TMZ unveiled photos of Helmsley sporting a close-cropped hair style, as opposed to his signature ponytail.

“OMG, the Game has lost his mane!” tweeted one grown man who goes by the handle of @HHHfan4ever. “Dislike!”

Many of the grown men speculated about the motives behind the haircut, and pondered what it would mean to Helmsley’s wrestling career.

A similar phenomenon was seen last spring, when thousands of grown men worldwide got in a tizzy after Edge got a haircut.