green barf
Oliver Jones of Cleveland pulls a Kwang.

At St. Patrick’s Day celebrations worldwide, thousands of drunken revelers capped off an evening of guzzling green beer by performing their best, albeit unintentional, imitations of professional wrestler Tajiri. 

In the alley behind Patrick O’Hooligan’s Bar and Grill in Tallahassee, for example, 28-year-old Steve McCondrey spewed green mist all over his “Fightin’ Irish” sweatshirt — but, unlike Tajiri, it did not make him a winner. 

Other inebriated partygoers performed variations of the dreaded Asian spew:

  • Todd Reinhardt of Toronto pulled a huge Lord Tensai the back seat of his girlfriend’s car
  • Bobby Leland of Liverpool Great Kabuki’d in a McDonald’s toilet
  • Marshall Hunter of Tampa surprised himself by Kendo Nagasaki-ing on his onion rings
  • The entire population of Dublin painted the town green with a collective Killer Khan

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon remained sober, but spent his evening wandering from one Connecticut bar to another, hollering: “He’s gonna… heeee’s gonna… heeeeeee’s gonnnnna puke!”