Robert “Bobby” Roode (real name Bobbert Boobe) says he rules his yard through ample watering.

Whereas several of WWE’s most famous headliners have argued for years over whose “yard” the company is, the majority of performers on WWE’s roster can only hope to brag about their own lawns.

“This is my yard,” said Bobby Roode, looking proudly over the lush green grass behind his Sarasota bungalow.

“And that over there — that’s my gazebo.”

Tensions have erupted in that quiet Sarasota suburb because Roode’s neighbour, Eric Young, claims to have a survey map that shows a 20-square-foot patch of grass that Young insists actually belongs to him.

“This is my yard,” said Young, gesturing toward the contested turf.

“No, this is my yard,” retorted Roode.

According to sources within the neighbhorhood, Roode and Young will take their dispute to municipal small claims court — or do battle next weekend at a local park in a “Property Deed on a Pole” match.

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