Rey Fenix injury
Reymond J. Fenix suffered an injury that only gets harder to watch after the eleventh replay!

Professional wrestler Rey Fenix suffered an awful elbow injury this week on AEW television that commentators described as “gruesome,” “horrific” and “repulsive” during the nearly two-dozen replays of the painful accident. 

When being thrown through a ringside table, Fenix landed awkwardly on his arm causing it to dislocate in a manner that commentators repeatedly described as “unwatchable” (replay six) and “nightmarish” (replay nine). It continued as such: 

  • “Oh, that makes my stomach turn,” said Jim Ross during replay 12. 
  • “That’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” said Tony Shiavone during replay 18. “That’ll take some asses out of seats.”
  • “That’s repulsive,” said the director in the TV truck during replay 22. “Play it again.” 

Remarkably, Fenix is expected to make a full recovery. He reportedly is in good spirits after receiving well-wishes from Sid Vicious’ tibia. 

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