Nexus WWE
The members of Nexus 2 (formerly The Shield) record a cryptic video on a shaky handheld camera in the back of a carpet warehouse.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns — formerly known collectively as The Shield — have chosen to go with a “more honest” name, Nexus 2.

When asked last week if he thought “The Shield” was the perfect name for his faction, Ambrose simply replied “nope.”

The following day, Ambrose and his cohorts released a shaky, handheld video — apparently filmed in an abandoned warehouse — announcing they had renamed themselves Nexus 2.

“We are crusaders against injustice,” Ambrose said, doing his best Heath-Ledger-as-the-Joker impression. “In other words, we’re picking up where the original Nexus left off.”

After competing in WWE’s developmental territory, the members of Nexus 2 burst on the WWE scene by sneak-attacking the top superstars. The members of Nexus 2 seem to be aligned with CM Punk, much like their namesakes.

The members of Nexus 2 have reportedly considered several names for their faction, including The Corre 2 and The Big Bossmen.