Despite all his bragging about it, The Rock's strudel is small, mushy and unappealing.

Professional wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson expressed disappointment and shame yesterday after his much-touted strudel turned out mushy, undersized and unappealing.

“That has never happened before, I swear,” said a clearly distraught Johnson. “My strudel is usually hot and crisp.”

Johnson frequently brags about his strudel, insisting that many women — and men — have yearned for a taste of it.

While millions (and millions) of people claim to have smelled what Johnson is cooking, no one has volunteered to taste Johnson’s limpid, unpalatable strudel.

Many have concluded that Johnson’s culinary skills are not as superior as he claims. To this, Johnson responded vaguely about preparing some kind of dessert called “candy asses.”