Red Rooster
Terry Taylor tried in vain to edit "Red Rooster" references out of his Wikipedia page recently.

Longtime professional wrestler and backstage matchmaker Terry Taylor became increasingly frustrated late last night as he struggled to delete all content related to the Red Rooster from his Wikipedia entry.

“Dangit,” mumbled Taylor, baffled by Wikipedia’s “terms and conditions” for editors. “This is harder than I thought.”

Taylor spent four hours trying to learn the basics of Wiki Markup, the syntax and keywords used by editors to make substantive changes to Wikipedia pages.

Before the rise of the internet, Taylor assumed that his ill-fated stint performing as a character called The Red Rooster — complete with spiked red hair, rooster-like strut and a trademark cock-a-doodle-doo — would eventually be forgotten.

He was shocked to discover, however, that his Wikipedia entry covers the Red Rooster era of his career in mortifying detail.

He had hoped to surreptitiously remove the embarrassing text, but quickly discovered that his computer literacy is paltry at best.

He took some solace in the discovery that Fred Ottman’s Wikipedia entry covers the Shockmaster fiasco in full detail.