cena make-a-wish
A hospitalized John Cena was overjoyed thanks to a surprise visit from a sick eight-year-old child.

After suffering a torn triceps, professional wrestler John Cena had his spirits brightened today thanks to a hospital visit from a terminally ill child.

Bedridden with his left arm wrapped with thick bandages, Cena was feeling glum and sulky until he got an unexpected visit from eight-year-old Timmy Clarke, who suffers from a rare and serious neurological disorder.

“Keep your chin up,” Timmy told the reigning WWE Champion.

“You’ll be out of this hospital in no time, champ!”

The wrestler’s eyes widened with glee as Timmy autographed glossy 8×10 photographs of himself and posed for pictures with Cena.

Cena, who has granted countless wishes for sick children in the past, was overjoyed to finally get some sympathy and encouragement in return.

Doctors say Cena’s triceps injury will take 12-24 months to heal, unless the whole injury thing turns out to be a work.