terrible tattoos
After years of forgetting his own name, AJ Styles finally decided to have it inked into his own skin.

Professional wrestler A.J. Styles, a mainstay in Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling, no longer needs to worry about forgetting his own name, having tattooed it on his torso.

The tattoo — an enormous, stylized rendition of the letters “AJ” on his right ribcage —will serve as a constant and permanent reminder of Styles’ identity, which frequently slips his mind.

“Before getting the tattoo, I was always getting confused about who I am,” confessed Styles. “I would introduce myself as J.A. Styles half the time.”

Although most professional wrestlers have their names emblazoned on their trunks and boots to prevent forgetfulness, Styles needed a more permanent solution.

The enormous, garish “AJ” tattoo is accompanied by three dates — the birthdays of his children, which he was also constantly forgetting.

Styles still occasionally forgets his surname, so he is considering having it tattooed onto his forehead.