The VICE documentary program “Tales from the Territories” has, throughout its first season, confirmed one fundamental fact about the so-called territorial era of pro wrestling — that people’s eyeballs frequently popped out. 

Wrestlers during the territorial era also put things into their butts for laughs. 

Whether it was AWA, WCCW, Stampede or any other regional promotion in the 1970s, eyes were regularly popping out of bodies and other stuff was being put into butts. Oh, and they peed everywhere but the toilet. 

A recent episode of the show, for example reveals that Chris Adams once superkicked a bar patron so hard that his eye popped out, and then Adrian Adonis put the eye into his butt, which made Butcher Vachon poop, which made Chris Adams vomit so hard that his own eyeball popped out. 

According to the roundtable of retired wrestlers featured on the show, it was all very hilarious. 

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