WWE Olympics
American synchronized swimmer Mariya Koroleva (foreground) dismisses wrestling as a “silly

When asked by a journalist for her opinion on professional wrestling, Olympic synchronized swimmer Mariya Koroleva replied — with utter, non-ironic earnestness — that wrestling is a “silly choreographed spectacle.”

“Wrestling is all about flashy, crowd-pleasing moves, but I’d hardly call it a sport,” said Koroleva dismissively, her hair shellacked into a tight bun and clown-like makeup enhancing her unnaturally strained smile and whitened teeth.

“It’s really a bunch of muscly guys in spandex tights and girls in skimpy outfits,” she added, adjusting the shoulder strap of her fluorescent pink, sequin-bedazzled bathing suit.

Koroleva and are hoping for gold in synchronized swimming competition this week, performing intricate moves including the Ballet Leg Single, the Vertical Thrust and the Scull.

A few days before heading to London for the Olympics, Koroleva accidentally saw a snippet of WWE Raw on TV and snickered at “goofy” move names, like Single Leg Takedown, Vertical Suplex and Skull-Crushing Finale.