Lesnar suspended
Suspended indefinitely from WWE, Brock Lesnar is passing the time by quilting.

Suspended indefinitely from WWE action after his heinous rampage last Monday, former WWE champion Brock Lesnar now has more free time to devote to his other favorite hobby, quilting.

Lesnar spent this past weekend sewing together layers of decorative fabric in a quilt that celebrates the mennonite heritage of his native Minnesota, as part of a church fundraiser.

A longtime member of the American Quilters Guild, the so-called Beast Incarnate describes quilting as “a contemplative, almost meditative” pastime that provides a nice counter-balance to his more public and violent persona.

Unbeknownst to most fans, Lesnar recently sewed a beautiful 8X8-foot quilt for the McMahon family — with patchwork fabric squares representing each family member — as a token of his sincere appreciation for their support over the years.

Lesnar even knitted part of that quilt with “thread” from his advocatePaul Heyman’s former skullet-ponytail.

Though best known for suplexing opponents until they secrete blood, urine and/or vomit, Lesnar says he hopes his quilts will expose fans to his kinder, gentler side.

If his WWE suspension lasts for more than a few weeks, Lesnar says he plans to take up scrapbooking.