nicholas superstar shake-up
The dominant brand in sports-entertainment will be determined by whichever show signs Nicholas.

A talent shuffle is underway as part of WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up, and amid all the excitement one big question has captivated wrestling fans worldwide: where will Nicholas end up?

Nicholas [SURNAME UNKNOWN] burst onto the sports-entertainment scene at WrestleMania, winning his debut match to become one half of the World Tag Team Champions, but he remains a “free agent” with no formal allegiance to either Raw or Smackdown.

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Although Nicholas relinquished his championship last week (he was grounded for talking to a stranger, and then following the stranger into a wrestling ring in front of 75,000 other strangers), he remains undefeated in WWE.

Regardless of which brand he aligns himself with, Nicholas will surely be a top marquee star — particularly when he is legally allowed to wrestle, roughly five to seven years from now.

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