Sytch Sunny
Photos like this one helped Sunny earn the dubious distinction of being AOL’s “Most Downtrodden Woman” of 2012

Following a year of unfortunate domestic squabbles and recurring arrests, Tammy Lynn Sytch — better known as former WWE starlet Sunny — has been named AOL’s “Most Downtrodden Woman” of 2012.

It is an ironic honor for the bedraggled Sytch, given that, 16 years ago, her online popularity among male wrestling fans led to her being crowned AOL’s “Most Downloaded Woman.”

Although countless wrestling fans continue to download pictures of Sunny, they tend to be mugshots acquired by TMZ depicting a beleaguered, defeated woman with none of the vivacious pluck that once defined her.

Sytch beat out Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears for the dubious distinction of Most Downtrodden Woman of 2012.

The announcement was bittersweet for wrestling fans who prefer to remember Sunny’s sunnier days.

“I used to be infatuated with Sunny,” said wrestling fan Everett Onley, “but now I just feel sad for her.”

Onley confessed that he would “still drink Sunny’s bathwater,” but wouldn’t pay quite as much for the privilege.